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Work Culture Consulting

Creating happier workplaces and superlative employee experiences.


Customised Culture Surveys & Focus Groups

From pulse surveys that provide immediate and real-time insights into how employees are thinking and feeling, to a more extensive, customised employee engagement survey that can be designed with your culture and people in mind our easy to deploy, custom-made surveys enable you to understand your people better.

Built on the back of comprehensive focus group discussions, employee sentiment analysis and a deep understanding of building culture, these insights will aid your organization in making well-informed, people-centric, productivity-enhancing decisions.

Happyness Quotient

Happyness Quotient is an innovative survey option that provides a real-time indication of the level of happiness across your organization by analysing what drives individuals based on their personal and professional choices down to a department level.

This employee happiness survey tool is fun, flexible and can adapt to suit the needs of your organization! You can analyse responses to get a drilled down ‘one view’ of your company Happyness Quotient & administer it across desktops or mobile. What’s more? The tool comes with the option to customize core pillars and track what matters to your company while we develop action plans to ensure sustainable and measurable impact.


Crafting your EVP & Streamlining Policies

Your employer value proposition is essentially who you are in the eyes of your current and potential employees. On the other hand, your policies help define the desired work culture that you aspire towards. With a sharp understanding of the importance of these two aspects, as your talent management consultant, we intend to keep your culture and employees at the centre of all that we do.

Whether it is building values from scratch, helping to structure diversity and inclusion initiatives, refurbishing and updating workplace policies, or developing an effective talent management system where all company information is present , our expertise in employee well-being, employee engagement and work culture help turn this exercise into an effective solution for companies.

Competency Mapping

Helping leaders manage employees better and helping companies empower people better, we understand that a lot goes into ensuring employee happiness alongside organizational productivity & growth. With thorough research and study, resulting in a deep understanding of your business, we can empower you to map the skills and abilities of your employees in a way that effectively aligns with the larger organizational vision.

As a talent management consultant to your company, we can ensure that we progress meticulously from understanding your business to understanding your ethos, your people and your potential. Not only does this manner of competency mapping provide a robust and efficient talent management system, it also ensures that your company possesses a best-in-class employee value proposition, thereby retaining and aptly leveraging your talent.


Employee Engagement Strategy

Your employees are the backbone of your organization and they require a robust employee engagement strategy to stay happy, productive, and present. With expertise in planning annual engagement calendars that include details on everything from execution to impact assessment, we provide the necessary support for companies to build a healthier work culture. From gamified, interactive L&D options to culture building, leadership sensitization and KPI evaluation, we have just the right solutions for you.

With exactly this in mind, as talent management consultants, we also make sure to place as much emphasis on short-term engagement initiatives as we do on long-term culture building endeavours.

Workshops & Interventions

It could be a simple and fun activity to unwind, a whole range of interesting and effective team building activities, or a complex and nuanced sensitization session on diversity and inclusion – We are passionate about facilitating positive change of any sort. Building a healthy culture where empathy, employee happiness and teamwork thrive, is what we thrive on!

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Rewards & Recognition Programs

With a proven positive impact on employee happiness, we believe that R&R programs need to be approached from multiple perspectives. With this in mind, we help build options that fulfil a range of purposes. Right from instant appreciation tools to sustained recognition mechanisms, we help you acknowledge and appreciate your employees, instilling a strong sense of belonging and a powerful measure of positivity.

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