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Top 10 Best Employers in Singapore

In order to become a great place to work, is it enough to hire an employer branding consultant and outsource all the tasks? Or should organisations seek some corporate culture consulting instead?

There are a few qualities that help organisations be identified as unique – Dynamic leadership, transparent and honest communications, flexible and positive working environment, the opportunities to learn on the job, and perks and benefits are some of the most sought after.

2020 has been a difficult year and although it has posed many challenges for organisations and leaderships across the globe, there are some names that have successfully stood out from the crowd. There have been multiple surveys and lists doing the rounds. Based on collective reviews on Glassdoor and Job Street, coupled with the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2020, and mapping it with the 2020 survey conducted by The Straits Times and Statista, we bring you ‘Top 10 Employers in Singapore’.


One of the most renowned tech companies globally, Google not only provides its employees with an array of job prospects, but also has clearly outlined goals and expectations. Nurturing a friendly work environment, it promotes an open and collaborative work culture, empowers its leaders to be people-oriented, and provides competitive work perks.


With a reputation for innovation, this social media giant works hard to consistently preserve its positive and people-centric work culture. With ample of room for growth and learning, it has bagged the title of possessing the ability to impact the future of technology through its people’s passion for work.


Acclaimed cross Asia Pacific as a global energy player, Shell strives to build an employee-oriented and open work culture. Providing its workforce with competitive compensations and benefits, it is known as a company that prioritizes employee safety and has undertaken great projects to create impact around the community.

Changi Airport Group

Recognized as an esteemed global leader in the HR services industry, CAG has introduced numerous career development initiatives that empower people and help them expand their skillsets. From providing on-site medical facilities to taking care of the staff, to setting up the workspace with ample sunlight and ventilation, CAG has a supportive culture of growth.


This Japanese casual wear designer, retailer, and manufacturer, has a well-structured manager candidate programme that helps create future leaders through classroom training, mentoring, and coaching and mentoring. With an open work culture that encourages the employees to interact and be inclusive towards colleagues with disabilities, treating colleagues like family.

Adidas Singapore

A popular name in the sports industry, Adidas promotes a balanced lifestyle at the workplace. Preserving an upbeat and energetic work culture, just like its products, Adidas has a wide range of medical benefits as well as amenities for its people, is responsible towards the environment as well as invests in empowering its employees with appropriate training resources.


Imbibing a progressive work culture inspired by a purpose to serve, Novartis promotes openness and encourages curiosity. Providing access to company sponsored online training programmes, it strives to overthrow the stereotypical norms of hierarchy and build an inclusive workplace that collectively works towards a larger vision.


Providing services across the verticals of transportation, finance, and logistics, Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading super app. Committed to pushing for an inclusive and diverse workplace, Grab adopts an agile work style and provides opportunities to all, irrespective of their backgrounds (including the disadvantaged).


An amalgamation of science and innovation, 3M Technologies emphasize on learning opportunities, are people-focused, and purpose-driven. With a firm belief in the power of collaboration, 3M has not only personified healthy-living for its people, but also puts in continuous efforts to create a thriving workplace to bring out the best in ever 3Mer.

Marina Bay Sands

Said to possess one of the largest workforces in the hospitality industry, Marina Bay Sands highly prioritizes the welfare and well-being of its team members. Creating an inspiring work environment by investing in technology to increase productivity, Marina Bay Sands believes in developing careers to create a successful brand.

If you look carefully, there is one common strand that emerges through all these top employers – Their work culture. Nurturing a positive, open and engaging culture can make all the difference at the workplace. However, due to the current situation of remote working, more than half of the workforces across organisations have struggled to connect and stay aligned to the company’s work culture. Integrating the use of employee value propositions into your everyday internal communication strategy and facilitating digital team bonding activities will definitely create a huge impact and help your organisation emerge stronger as a preferred employer.


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