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The Link Between Employee Experience & Behaviour Patterns

Time and again, we’ve talked about how much the world has changed over the past two years. And rightly so. Every industry has had to adjust to new living situations and one of the things that HR teams are constantly looking out for is how their employees are adapting to these changes.

Employee behavior patterns have always been tough to analyze owing to different personalities that make up the workplace. Now more than ever, the employee experience needs to be at an all-time high. The varied behavior patterns of employees have a lot to do with the success of engagement activities in the workplace. Here’s how organizations can ensure a holistic employee experience as they experiment with work models.

Blend the online & offline setup

With a hybrid setting in place, blending the online and offline work setup is crucial. Building a bridge between the activities will help boost morale. It is necessary to plan the activities so that everyone (those at their desks and those away from the office) can participate equally. With the work situation likely to be flexible throughout the year (and possibly longer), active measures to keep people motivated and happy are essential.

Recognition goes a long way

Every person at the office contributes to a business's bottom line. It is because of people that the latter develops and expands. Recognizing them for their sustained efforts has plenty of benefits. And predictably, employee behavior changes depending on the quality and quantity of the recognition they receive. Personalizing the reward system to cater to the needs of different employees will go a long way in keeping them happy and rejuvenated.

Ensuring a good work-life integration

One of the challenges when it comes to working remotely or in a hybrid setting is bringing a steady work-life integration. It would be easy to think that staying home makes it easier to handle work and personal life. It is anything but that. Understanding what employees need in these circumstances and ensuring that their requirements are looked after will help them feel driven and dedicated.

Engaging in plenty of activities

From brainstorming sessions to various team bonding exercises, the more an organization gets its employees to engage and connect with their vision, the higher the chances of them feeling valued. Ensuring that everyone feels involved and comfortable is as important as rolling out a quarterly engagement activity. Instead of just making notes on how many employees took part in a session, the primary focus should be on giving them a sense of comfort and making them feel like they belong. Providing them with flexibility, building an open environment, and making provisions for mental health support will help create great experiences for your people.

The bottom line is - A happy and motivated employee stands a much lower chance of experiencing frequent behavioral changes than one who simply doesn’t enjoy the work they do!


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