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5 Companies With a Great Employee Value Proposition

There are those companies where employees drag themselves to work and then there are others where they feel welcome each day. The distinguishing element is the acute sense of care that the latter offers in terms of compensation, work-life balance, location, stability and to top it all, respect. The systemic approach that these companies take to add value to their employees' life at work and outside work, makes for a robust employee value proposition (EVP) that ultimately results in a seamless talent management system.


A young company making design a simple affair for everyone, Canva is not a company that believes only in design excellence. It has a very humane approach to treating employees, supporting them in their career journeys and ensuring that they enjoy working for the company.

Brekkie & lunch: Teams huddle where employees enjoy nutritious meals on the house to set ambitious goals or just strike up a conversation - Team bonding activities with a foodie twist!

Gym & yoga: To fuel the container of creativity, people are nudged to use their free membership (or an allowance) at several local fitness studios (plus an allowance for others).

Clubs & sports: Innovates fun-filled activities and clubs for people with diverse interests from soccer to beer club and nail club.

Relocation budget: Offers much-needed financial support for relocating to Canva office locations; covers flights and removalist costs and provides initial accommodation.

Learning & growth: Internal Canva University gives a platform for all to stay relevant in these changing times; gives them access to upskilling courses, experienced mentors, a conference budget & other L&D opportunities.

Flexible workplace: Well-positioned to accommodate all kinds of lifestyles and life stages. From flexible hours to parent rooms, people are encouraged to work on their terms.


Unlike most companies where you need to have the right skills to fit a role, Deloitte has something for everyone, regardless of your degree or what you are passionate about. Apart from the benefits extended to its employees, Deloitte has an array of attractive perks.

Compete: Mostly a networking opportunity across departments, Deloitte hosts an Olympic style competition with more than 20 different sports, spanning across two to three months.

Kids: A fun-filled afternoon for parents who are asked to bring their kids and give the tiny tots a sneak peek into their parents’ interesting workspace.

Play: A through and through sports competition where Deloitte strives to prove its mettle vis-à-vis other Big Four accountancy firms.

Run: As part of Deloitte’s ongoing commitment to supporting a healthy lifestyle in the firm, Deloitte participates in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge annually.

Dress: Makes provisions for employees to work under demanding situations through flexi-leave, -dress and -work schemes.


Holding a dream team orientation, Netflix intensely cares for its people, gives them generous severance packages, and fosters a culture where every member works the hardest in the room and has the most fun.

Perks of loyalty: Those who have served a significant term are asked to stick to the company even if their performance takes a temporary dip due to unfortunate events.

Keeper Test: Taking a sidestep from bell curves or rankings or quotas, Netflix focuses on managers’ judgment through the “keeper test”. If one wishes to resign, does the manager feel it worth a try to change his mind. If not, they are given a generous severance package to find their true calling beyond the walls.

Hearty pay package: Performs a comparative analysis to realise the maximum pay an employee can expect from peer firms and then pay them that maximum. Though some employees’ market value rapidly rises while other employees may stay flat year-to-year, despite doing great work, Netflix always compensates at the top of their personal market.

Checks on self-worth: Because working at a disruptive firm makes its people learn all the cool things early on, they become potential candidates for peer firms to attract. Netflix takes pride in adding value to its talents, considers occasional outside interviewing as healthy, and encourages employees to talk with their managers about what they learn in the process.

Take vacation: There are no set rules on paid time offs. Working at Netflix is like an extension of personal life. People take off when they need and want. Leaders take the first step to take vacations and come back rejuvenated with fresh ideas, encouraging team members to follow suit.

Tailored compensation: Each employee chooses each year how much of their compensation they want in salary versus stock options. People can choose all cash, all options, or whatever combination suits them. People are free to leave at any time, without loss of money.


Airbnb is that cool company that cares for its people when they are not at work. Its vibrant workspaces and well-lit aisles reflect its adventurous spirit and its vision to bring people together, no matter where they are.

Paid volunteer time: As a socially responsible company in its very core, Airbnb extends this value by offering four hours of paid time off every month to volunteer in local communities and contribute positively toward issues its people care for.

Annual travel and experiences credit: Employees are given travel credit at the beginning of each quarter and that expires at the end of each quarter. Not just a perk, it is an important tool that gives valuable insight into how the company can improve and build on the experience.

Father-friendly practices: Upholding the spirit of belongingness, Airbnb gives fathers 10 weeks paid family time. It also offers family care benefits through Bright Horizons, providing parents with access to subsidized backup child- and adult/elder care to help them better manage demands.

Return to work: Airbnb’s “return to work” program allows new parents to work four days a week for the first eight weeks back at 100 percent pay.

Include everyone: Airbnb welcomes candidates with backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in tech and offers opportunities to create community in its offices around the world.


The five-star benefits at Yelp are meant to cultivate a sense of togetherness so that people with diverse perspectives can bring their full selves to work.

For your wellbeing: For Yelp, happy employees translate to business success. The company has comprehensive medical, vision and dental coverage with generous employer contributions. The monthly wellness subsidy could be used to cover gym membership and even massages. Under its transgender benefits, Yelp’s extensive insurance policy covers bloodwork, hormone prescriptions, and surgeries. The company is one of the few that has a mothers lounge for lactating mothers.

For your mental health: Yelp provides round-the-clock access to mental health support ​​​​​​​and services via Talkspace.

For your finances: Yelp offers short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness, long-term disability insurance, and death benefits, which cover certain causes of death.

For your family: Yelp recognizes that families are formed in many ways. The Adoption Assistance Program is designed to help offset the costs associated with adopting a child.

These companies set the benchmark in offering care packages through their unique policies and practices. One the EVP is laid down in clear terms, it falls on the hiring team to communicate these as the cherry on top that potential hires can get a taste of.


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