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Taking your talent brand to the world.

Employer Branding & Communication


EVP & Policy Dissemination

It’s important for the world to know who you are, and for your employees to be constantly apprised of your organizational values, policies and overall culture. It could be a short, engaging value launch campaign or a sustained communication calendar that provides regular information to internal and external stakeholders – What remains important is to talk about your organizational pillars in a manner that perfectly sums up your culture. This not only strengthens individual alignment with company values, but also helps build a robust employee value proposition.

Talent Branding Strategy

In an increasingly competitive talent market, a formidable approach to employer branding can help attract and retain the right kind of talent just when you need it. Ensuring that you have a distinct brand image among existing and potential recruits can not only help you save costs but also impact employee choices. Developing an engaging and relatable digital presence that gets potential talent interested in your organization, we can help you create an employer brand that strikes a chord and ensures strong recall.


CXO Profiling & Thought Leadership

An integral aspect of employer branding is to position organization leaders as representatives who truly embody everything that your culture stands for. Adding a human connect, providing a face to your brand and attracting talent by making a strong statement of effective leadership, your C-Suite executives can be game-changers for the talent brand as a whole. Profiling leaders, analysing and assessing their public presence and creating compelling, original thought-leadership content for them to speak to the world – We understand the power of good leadership and how it can inspire faith in employees, potential talent and even clients and customers.

Advocacy & Social Media

Your employees are your greatest ambassadors and the most authentic voices of your brand. The power of social media spreads far and wide in the context of employer branding. Your company pages across platforms, the social media presence of your senior leadership, and the individual voices of your employee advocates via their personal handles – Combine it all and you have a formidable plan that strengthens your social media brand. What matters even more, however, is to execute each of these avenues in the most creative, most prudent and most engaging manner. We specialise in creating communication that resonates with your audience and truly represents your brand as a desirable employer.


Internal Communications

In every action and decision, your employees should be prioritised before the rest of the world. And it’s much the same with communication. Your internal communication is what helps you speak to your employees in a unified, consistent and empowering voice. From formulating an internal communication strategy around your brand story, to policy roll-outs and more, our team of creative thinkers and designers are equipped to manage your narrative effectively. That's not all. Our enthusiasm and sheer passion drive us to come up with fresh ideas. If you’re looking to create a strategic internal communications plan, get in touch!

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