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In a talent-driven world where companies try to get the best in class, how do you win the war for talent? By retaining your best employees. Whether it’s through driving values across your company, running diversity and Inclusion initiatives, bench-marking culture and policies or by running qualitative diagnostics that help people align with business, there is something for you.

As a team, we take time to understand your organization and your people – often, digging deep into what drives people & how they connect with work. We understand that different things work for different teams and that by making your talent a priority, organizations can excel in areas where challenges may have been the norm.

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Talent Consulting

Employer Branding
Talent Consulting

Research shows that happy and engaged employees result into a more productive workforce, which in turn, means a positive impact on attrition levels and the company bottom line.

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to think out of the box and build employee connect.

With no two company cultures being similar or talent being alike, our people to customer first’ approach helps bring about a sense of pride, encourages recognition, strengthens diversity and makes life at work awesome!


Employer Branding

Employer Branding.png

In an increasingly competitive talent market, a formidable employer brand can help attract and retain the right kind of talent. Ensuring that you have a distinct brand image among existing and potential recruits can not only help you save costs but can also impact employee choices.

From Thought Leadership & CXO Communications, and Induction programs to qualitative Rewards and Recognition initiatives or mental health and wellness initiatives, at Never Grow Up, we are constantly thinking of ways for employees to find the right environment, value framework and culture to function effectively.

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Happyness Quotient is an innovative survey option that provides a real time indication of the level of happiness across your organization by analyzing what drives individuals based on their personal and professional choices down to a department level.

The survey tool is fun, flexible and can adapt to suit the needs of your organization! You can analyse responses to get a drilled down ‘one view’ of your company Happyness Quotient & administer it across desktops or mobile.

What’s more? The tool comes with the option to customize core pillars and track what matters to your company while we develop action plans to ensure sustainable and measurable impact.

Happyness Quotient


Workshops & Training


An intense learning journey created to help drive better mental health practices through an interactive offline experience, Unpluggd is a workshop series built on a diverse set of facilitated activities. This intensive two-day program is designed to truly help you pull the plug on stress and build better teams.

Built on an experiential learning framework rooted in research and practical concepts from Psychology, Neuroscience and Creativity, the program is meant for people across levels and aims to address (and redress) work concerns including the anxiety caused by our essential digital dependence and the ‘instant-world’ we live in.

Write back to implement the program for your teams.

Communications & Design

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We live in a world surrounded by a workforce that wants to be ‘involved and have a say’. Your potential hires are listening to you even before you look at their resume, while existing employees are telling future recruits about your company.

How can we help? 

From Internal communication strategies around your brand story, to policy roll-outs and more, our team of creative thinkers and designers are equipped to manage your narrative effectively.  That's not all. Our enthusiasm and sheer passion drives us to come up with fresh ideas. 

Go ahead, start a conversation.

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You’ve built a great Talent strategy and crafted a number of commendable initiatives! It’s now time to get the word out.

From a host of editorial services & press release dissemination to building media relations with key stakeholders our team can ensure that you talent initiatives are noticed and recognized. We also counsel and guide CXOs on how to interact with media while we track the coverage that follows.

Partnerships to Thought Leadership, there is more to our integrated services when it comes to building your reputation. Let’s Talk?

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